Coffee or tea?

I’m a product designer from Atlanta.

I spent most of my childhood stationed in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany with my military parents. Eventually, our family settled in a small, scenic town called Dahlonega, Georgia. It was there that I dove headfirst into HTML and photoshop. I would grow to learn that information architecture and user interface were the backbone for a lifetime in satisfying curiosity.

Software & Skills
Illustrator InDesign Premier
Photoshop XD Audacity
Scrums Prototyping Teaching
Design Books I’ve Read & Recommend
  • Herding Tigers – Todd Henry
  • The Design of Everyday Things – Don Norman
  • Design Thinking – Multiple Authors
  • Hooked (How to Build Habit-Forming Products) – Nir Eyal
  • This is Service Design Thinking – Stickdorn/Schneider
  • The Lean Startup – Eric Ries
  • Fusion (How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies) – Denise Lee Yohn
What’s the worst color of Post-It note to use in affinity mapping?

And why did we all say purple?

An illustration of Eliot Bern holding the coveted "World's Best Dad" trophy - he wins one every year
I’m animated, but I’m not animated!

As a real live human being, I have hobbies. I love drawing, but I also love mountain biking – which means I also love mountain bike repair.

I’ve recorded some music in my basement. I’ve written some poetry by my desk lamp.

A portrait of Eliot Bern's feet in bunny slippers