Building a crispier app, delivers a crispier sandwich.

Restaurants and entrepreneurs are losing their one-on-one connection with clientele and chunks of profit to the convenience of food app giants. They need a way to reclaim both for future growth. Hungry patrons are overwhelmed with choice upon opening one of these apps. Bombarded with establishments, delivery fees, confusing menu options, and one-click reviews, the incentive to participate is at an all-time low.

The long and the short of it:

Over three months, I designed an ordering application to facilitate the pickup of crispy chicken and put customer data back into the owners’ hands, and simplify the user’s choices. This project is in active development.


A third-party app offers way too many options, doesn’t provide enough data to observe trends fully, and removes customer service from the restaurant. We become more disconnected from our clientele if their interactions exist only in discount delivery apps.



how crispy - virtuous cycle - each other, guests, community, suppliers, investorsProvide an app experience representative to How Crispy’s culture, brand, and customer loyalty. Our guests come to us with high expectations. We must live up to these whenever possible.

A guest’s sphere of influence may be huge. Each guest can be an instant critic. We have an opportunity to meet and exceed expectations by delivering photo-worthy, delicious food. We achieve this by making hospitality and kindness our motivators.


Create a framework where a customer can perform all tasks associated with ordering food: account creation, account management, ordering, order history, favorites, payment, pickup.

minimum lovable product affinity map


Low-fidelity wireframes were used for early testing phases. High-fidelity prototype for the live user group.


A live user test group selected from social media volunteers.